2nd Single "Hood Love": In depth video details...

April 5, 2010
After doing my TYPICAL google search on Queen Mary, I came across this website & below the individual discusses details on how Treys portion of "Hood Love" was shot in his/her apartment. This is RARE information.

So the music video for "Hood Love" by Mary J. Blige & Trey Songz was filmed in my apartment. A location scout knocked on my door and asked if they could use my apartment for a Mary J. Blige video and offered us $800. Of course I said yes, because who turns down $800 in free money? He said that Mary would not be at the apartment as she had already filmed her segment in Miami, but that they wanted to film some shots of other couples from the video living in the hood and being in love, and since my apartment is in Washington Heights, they thought my place would be perfect for scenes from the hood.

I had no idea what the song was until the day of the shoot, so I was pretty surprised when Trey Songz showed up on my doorstep. Mind you, I don't follow hip-hop/R&B, so all I knew of Trey was that he was famous and on the cover of this month's Vibe. Having never, ever in my life heard a song of Trey's (I live under a rock, apparently), I was surprised when I heard his beautiful voice coming from my living room (when a music video is filmed, the artist typically sings along live with the track so that the mouth movements match). Having now heard a few of his songs, I can honestly say that he sounds much better live, which I appreciate because that's just such a rare quality these days.

My roommate and I poked our heads out into the hallway to watch all of the production commotion (we were confined to our bedrooms because there were about 50 or so people running around our apt.), and Trey was walking back to the wardrobe/makeup room (which was my other roommate's room down the hall). He saw us peeking out and came into the room and asked us how it was going. We were both incredibly impressed by the fact that Trey approached us, and since he's the one to walked into the room to talk to us (and also since he's, you know, in OUR HOME), we asked him for pictures. He was very nice about it and even let us re-take the pics when they came out badly the first time (we totally forgot to grab our "I <3 ONTD" sign though, which we had made the second we heard that Trey would be there; you would've liked it--we fashioned it out of a Chinese food box). Trey's just an all-around nice guy. I refuse to believe any comments to the contrary.

The shoot wound up being a long, 18-hour day, but the entire crew and all of Trey's people were fantastic, so it made the entire experience fun and enjoyable. Even better, the production crew let us have all of the leftover food from craft services, which will feed us for at least a week, and because they went into overtime, we got paid $1200 instead of $800, so thank you Trey for paying for this month's rent!

Also, Trey's stylist accidentally left behind some $400 shoes. If you're reading this Becca, call me! My number is on the top of the call sheet!

And now, some pictures from the full day's worth of production:


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