It's Official Anita Baker & Mary J. Blige working together!

April 23, 2010
According to an Interview with the Associated Press Ms. Anita Baker will be headlining the Jazz Fest, during the interview she mentions a duet in the works with Mary J. Blige.

Among her fans is "Queen of Hip-hop Soul," Mary J. Blige, who has asked Baker to join her on a jazz album.
"Mary and I — I have a song, and we've talked about it," says Baker. "I have a retro piece that we're cutting today that I'm going to send to her."
Baker says she looks forward to the collaboration.

As we all know Mary's  record contract came about because of a Karaoke cover of Baker's "Caught up in the Rapture". Blige often cites Baker as one of her few inspirations. I'm sure for Blige this is truly a dream come true and something she won't refuse.
The craft of this piece will be epic, Ms. Baker doesn't do those half done studio work. I'll be looking forward to this.


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