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April 29, 2010
I decided to make this post because I notice alot of people are giving up on the Album, Mary, & the delay of a 2nd single (according to Mary's press release ""I Am" is the 1st single from the album) are to blame.

Here's some iTunes stats:

"Stronger withEach Tear: #10 on iTunes R&B Album charts in Australia. 
 #9 on Canada's iTunes R&B Album charts.

Each Tear (The Song):
#10 on Germany iTunes R&B Top 10
#1 & #3 on Italy iTunes R&B charts.

Surprisingly after 5 years "One" is still on iTunes charts all over the world:

#6 in Greece 
 #5 in Italy
#7 in the Netherlands
#2 in Portugal 

Sales for "One" has exceeded 5 million worldwide. In 2006 alone the year-end worldcharts listed the track for selling over 2.3 million downloads.  Some say U2 is the reason behind it's worldwide success, BUT if you look at U2's chart history they've NEVER charted in certain BIG countries like Mary and the song has. They are international, but their sound is one sound and U2 can only chart certain regions.

While, "Be without You" has been certified 2 times platinums based off of mastertone sales ONLY. The Digital single has sales of over 1 million and has yet to receive it's certification. According to Amazon in 2006 Mary sold 18 million records worldwide, I don't understand how that total came about, because the album "The Breakthrough" sold 7 million worldwide, "Be without You" sold 3.5 million worldwide, & "One" s=has exceeded sales of 5 million worldwide. That's 15.5 million records. I assume sales from other songs like "Enough Crying" & "Take Me As I Am" play a role in the Amazon figure of 18 million records.


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