New Video: Mary ft. Jay Sean "Each Tear"

April 1, 2010

For the U.K. Release of Mary's 9th studio album "Stronger withEach Tear" here's the video for the duet featuring U.K. Sensation Jay Sean. This will be a major boost for his career, People will respect him as an artist just because Mary's worked with him.

Unfortunatley, "Each Tear" will NOT be release in the states. The song has been sent to U.K. radio this week & is also the second single in the U.K. I'm also hearing this particular duet will be released in Asia too, Jay Sean is the biggest super star currently in Asia, winning 4 (more than any other artist) Asian Music Awards a few weeks ago.

This strategic strategy behind releasing 5 versions of "Each Tear" in different parts of the world isn't that bad of an Idea, The 'Each Tear' version featuring Tazio is currently number 1in Italy, Surpassing the Lady Gaga's, Beyonce's, & Rihanna's of today's generation.

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