NY Magazine interviews Erykah Badu, She mentions Mary & Ugly Gaga

April 30, 2010

They call Mary J. Blige the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul and you the Queen of Neo-Soul. When you two perform on Lilith Fair this summer, will you have some sort of Queen-off?
Oh no. I'm only in competition with my last level and nobody can do it like Mary J. Blige. And I don't consider myself the Queen of Neo-Soul. I don't even know what neo-soul is. I'll be the Queen of Neo-Funk, though. That thang. That's what I want to be the queen of — that thang, with an "a" — that funk thang.

What do you think about Lady Gaga? Like you, she connects images and music.
I think she's a visual genius. She's creative and fearless and beautiful and everything that an artist should be, visually. I don't even know her music, but I am fulfilled by watching her evolve and create and fearlessly stun us over and over again. Whether I like the outfit or not, I am totally inspired to be me because she is totally herself. It's infectious. I think after all, that's all we are responsible for: be honest, be you — that's our responsibility in life. Anything else is extra.

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