Queen Mary Performs "Stairway to Heaven"

April 15, 2010

Most recently I've noticed Mary has been holding back from her live performances, We fans are use to her going AWWWWFFFF! My idea is that this new image is to appear calm, classy, & lady like. This performance lacked that MJB emotion we live for, I felt she wanted to release it, but was restricted. The vocals were flawless, the song is a beautiful cover & I hope to see this song at the top of the charts! Now, Alot of the Led Zepplin 70's dirty, nasty, crusty. dusty fans are on youtube, blogs, & forums are DISRESPECTING the queen. Yes, Everyone is entitled to their own perspective, but once words like "Nigger" get involved (HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM). I will shut each and every one of the 70's ugly trashy hippies DOWN! DEAL WITH IT! The song is gaining relevancy, And Mary is to thank for that. Something DEAD Zepplin couldn't do!


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