Tiny wants Mary J, Blige & Mariah to perform at her wedding...

April 19, 2010
According to Tiny stated...

“I’ve always wanted the horse and carriage, fairy tale wedding,” the star of BET’s reality show Tiny And Toya tells In Touch. “I just want to have a lot of different artists to play at my reception—maybe Mariah [Carey], Mary [J. Blige]. I have tons of ideas!”
Tiny is sticking to her unannounced date of “sometime this year,” and says the timing is right for a wedding.
“It’s just been time overdue,” says Tiny, ”We’ve been together for eight years. We know what we have and who we are. He knows everything about me. I know everything about him. And he’s hot!”
In addition to entertainment from Mariah and/or Mary J. Blige, Tiny also says she’d like her BET costar Antonia “Toya” Carter to be part of the wedding party.
“She’s one of my bridesmaids and I will have many other ones”
Tiny also revealed that now that T.I. is a free man, he will appear on the show this season.
“Once he got a chance to sit down and really watch it when he was locked up, he was impressed and thought the show was really good,” says Tiny. “You’ll see a little more of him—there are some surprises.”


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