The Truth: Rihanna vs. Mary J. Blige Bowl Hair Cut

April 5, 2010
This feature will be called "The Truth". Most recently I've come across alot of false articles on info involving Queen Mary that are unbelievable, lies, & off topic. My "The Truth" feature will expose the truth to the situation the best way possible and I'll provide proof to my claim.

Today, posted a lying article. The article headline reads "Mary J. Blige swagger jacks Rihanna". 

The article makes a false accusation: saying Mary J. Blige's recent bowl cut is ripped from Rihanna.

THE TRUTH: Mary first had the hair style in 2009 at the inaugural. The 2009 hairstyle became a tabloid star in it's own right. went as far to say "They were more drawn to the 2007 hair style than any other thing that night". CLICK HERE to read the 2009 in style magazine article.

NY magazine makes a comment in the hairstyle too.

Mary looks beautiful, classy, & unique. She pulls it off successfully, Rihanna who?


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