Mary J. Blige 5 year old song still on iTunes top 10 around the world..

May 12, 2010

The ground breaking rock fused with R&B international single "One" after 5 years is still on iTunes top 10 around the world, which has sold over 5 million downloads worldwide, places at number 27 on the 2006 world end charts for sales of over 2.3 million and placed #11 on Europes biggest song of 2006. Mary became the first R&B artist to EVER cross over to the ROCK charts around the world. When will the rest do it?

"One" on iTunes Top 10:

#3 in Portugal

#8 Greece

#7 Italy

#10 Denmark

While the first International single is:

#1 in Italy

#3 in Italy

#7 Germany 


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