Mary J. Blige sold more albums than Beyonce the 00-09 decade

May 11, 2010

The Queen of Hip/Hop Soul & R&B proves her title will never be taken and she will ALWAYS stay relevant. According to Soundscan top 50 albums selling artist, Queen Mary J. Blige sold More albums than the overrated Beyonce. Lmao...That is funny! The ugly broke musty fags better stay mad that after 20 years Queen Mary is still here. Not only that, She's the BEST selling ALL black female artist of the decade! beYAWNce who? 10 years from now beYAWNce won't be here. The real tea is that "Single Ladies" has sold more than the album "I Am...shasha fierce".

The sad thing is beYAWNce didn't even make the list.

Proof ----->

These sales are only here in the United States, Mary has sold 20 million album worldwide the 00-09 decade. This does NOT include downloads, music video, & ringtone sales. If downloads were included Mary record sales would be in the capacity of 30 million worlwide.


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