MJB stays humble

May 13, 2010

Mary J. Blige has only just started to realise she is famous.

The R&B singer released her first album What’s The 411? in June 1992, and has gone on to record seven other LPs. She has won nine Grammy Awards and four American Music Awards, and has now sold around 45 million albums worldwide Despite her success spanning almost 20 years, Mary has only recently begun to think of herself as a star. “Pretty recently, like two years ago, I suddenly thought: ‘Wow, this is real. It’s really happening.’ Before that, it was like being in a dream,” she admitted.

The 39-year-old tries to find time to think over everything she has accomplished. She is worried she might become complacent if she isn’t careful, and never wants to take her opportunities for granted.“Even now, sometimes I still forget how much I’ve accomplished and how many people I’ve had the privilege to work with, that so many other people wish they could work with,” she explained. “It’s definitely a case of pinching yourself sometimes.” pinching yourself sometimes.” 


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