MJB: Album Review

May 12, 2010

Whitney released, and so did Mariah, but both of them combined have nothing on the queen of R n B, Mary J Blige If you saw the movie Precious then you may want to begin with the track Color, which is a great summary of the Oscar-winning emotional story.

Tonight sounds something like a slower version of the Knight Rider theme with a soul feel to it, pity Akon had to spoil it with his signature Convict intro While her peers are struggling to identify the latest evolution of R&B, MJB just sticks to her Everything sound and succeeds in staying relevant Each Tear is a motivational song that speaks of how you should cry with hope knowing dream R&B rookie Jay Sean is featured on it and does an outstanding job to match Mary's vocals Good Love features TI (just before he left for someone should have told the rapper that wasn't necessary to talk about his going to wasn't necessary to talk about his going to jail Few people can compare with the queen of R&B, and Stronger With Each Tear is one more reason. - Munyaradzi Vomo

Reviews for this album have been great! She'll most likely win a few more Grammys! Great Review! 


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