MJB "Precious" soundtrack gets 6 out of 5 starts

May 16, 2010

We usually give a maximum of five stars, but this album deserves six.

The movie was nominated for numerous Academy Awards and, ultimately Mo'Nique Imes won Best Supporting Actress The soundtrack is also great. Rolling Stone praised it, describingI Can See In Color as "a knockout song expressing the goal of Precious to see the world in colour". Their description may be a bit up in the air and vague but the songs on the albums are rea music and at times deeply touching.

This is the kind of soundtrack that can stand on its own two feet, divorced from the film's success. It contains a mix of classic and contemporary, catering for all types of music fans. Outstanding tracks include: I Can See In Color by Mary J Blige, It Took a Long Time Coming by Labelle Now That I Know Who I am by Nona Hendrix. It helps that the artists don't have thin, raspy voices and nstead have full, soulful vocals.

Wow...6 out of 5 stars! Thats what you call a review! So sad the song didn't get an Oscar nomination, but what people fail to realize is that "Color" simply didn't qualify, because (according to the academy press release) the song was only used for 20sec in the movie, it has to be used for 60sec or more in order to qualify. More like a producer error. 


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