New Music Video: Mary J. Blige & Sinead O' Connor ft. Martha B

May 9, 2010

Mary J. Blige & Sinead O' Connor? On the same track? In the same studio? Who'd ever thought this would occur? Sinead is such an inspiration to me and the WORLD. I love her lyrics, her tone, & her controversial approach to society. The video is in support of Female Human Trafficing awareness. The song is a Sinead O' Connor song "This is to Mother You", which is a re-make featuringt Mary J. Blige & new comer Martha B. Martha has such a lovely tone and a beautiful spirit. I've read & watched a few of her interviews. Her voice is VERY distinct. Mary NEEDS to sign her to her music label Matriach. *coughs* For more details on how you can help this organization visit their website at

Please go to iTunes and support the song, because awareness is the goal and the world needs to be aware.


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