New Video: Mary J. Blige ft Trey Songz "We Got Hood Love"

May 10, 2010

First, this is the SECOND single from the album, According to Mary's press release "I Am" was the first single. "The One" leaked & it was a buzz single.

Second, Very good music video. The concept was good, typical, but strong....yet nothing epic. Mary's fashion & acting has tremedously improved. I do like how Trey songz roll seemed more of a cameo rather than a fetured act. Any of you notice the FLAWLESS NFL player George Wilson playing Mary's love interest?

Finally, I do not like the song...AT ALL, considering the song leaked 3 years ago it shouldn't be on the album and shouldn't be a single. The fact that it's on the album makes me gag. Clearly this an attempt to collaberate with "who's hot". Mary has NEVER been one to follow trends, but now she's doing it. She did it with Canadian rapper Drake too. The logic behind her camps attempt to follow trends failed, simply because her sales aren't as strong as they were. We fans don't like Mary following trends and CLEARLY my claim is valid, because her sales alone can back my claim. Mary's manager needs to make an apology to ALL her fans, because they've treated this project poorly, we get the 3rd music video from the album 5 months later? Who does that?

As one of the biggest Mary J. Blige stans I try not to focus on the negativity, because she's grown so much that I can't let the negative over power her growth.


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