Some details on the Nina Simone Movie

May 16, 2010

The most important detail is...Queen Mary has signed on to play the legendary soul singer Nina Simone.

The budget is a low $10 million, which is normal. This is Marys first leading roll, but the amont can always increase. Beyonce's first movie total cost was less than 6 million. So, you see the logic?

The writer/producer is Cynthia Mort, she's written for Will & Grace, & wrote the drama thriller "The Brave One" featuring the talented Jodi Foster. That alone should assure you the movie will slay.

Nina Simone daughter doesn't approve, but she doesn't own any rights to her mothers music, name, legacy...lmao

The movie is NOT a musical, it'll focus on the after life of her career, which is when the relationship w/her assistant started to brew.

Nina Simone spoke french, so, Mary will be speaking french. She's currently taking classes & recently in an interview she spoke a few sentences in french.

Nina Simone was Bi-Polar, so, this will become Oscar worthy material if pulled off the correct way.

Mary's acting skills aren't the best, once she even declined the roll, because she wasn't ready.  Alot of people are in rage, simply because Queen Mary isn't an actress and they want someone who's skilled at it. Im sure Mary will give it her all, when thats done the quality is a A grade. Let's all support her through this journey and celebrate once it's complete!

*sidenote* The image displayed above is from a 2010 performance of "No More Drama" at the 2010 Clive Davis Grammy party.


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