An AMAZING live performance of "Be Without You" by Mary J. Blige

June 10, 2010

I must say...I've been looking for this performance for YEARS! The best live vocal performance of this song (aside from the 07 Grammy performance). The song would later become the most successful R&B song of ALL times...spending 15 weeks at #1 (longer than any other song) & 75 weeks on that chart, also longer than any other song. Also on the Billboard decade charts "Be without You" was the 7th biggest radio song of the 00-09 decade & the #1 R&B song of the 00-09 decade...beating out all Beyonce singles (she's overrated). "Be without you" has been certified 2 times platinum. That's 3 records with one song. Oprah's reaction was priceless. She loves Mary and so do we!

Did you enjoy?


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