Mary J Blige Introduces her first female artist Starshell to NYC

June 16, 2010

Starshell is Mary's first female artist signed to Mary's record label "Matriarch". Laneah was her original name & for some UNKNOWN reason she changed it to "Starshell". Not too sure about this song. This song has been on the internet for over a year, there's a Lady Gaga version on youtube. That alone takes away from her originality as an artist. The song has NO uniqueness to it. Starshell's vocals are almost identical to Ashanti...their tone is the same, but it could be the way they (Mary's camp) is trying to market her. I need to hear her live in order to give my FULL verdict.

Laneah the person is a beautiful soul, she's sweet, kind, & well spoken. Good look, Laneah!

Mary posted a tweet about this
Some1 caught us out at SLnightclub NYC actin up. Check us out <~support @iLuvStarshell!!

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