Mary J. Blige, Katie Couric among A- list speakers for city's HS grads

June 21, 2010

BY Rachel Monahan


Monday, June 21st 2010, 4:00 AM

The city's high school graduations begin today with some big-name speakers stepping up to offer pomp, circumstance - and plenty of photo ops

In the Bronx, look for Mary J. Blige.

Brooklyn booked Katie Couric. 

The queen of hip hop and R&B not only agreed to speak at the first-ever graduation at The Excellence in the Bronx: Her foundation has mentored students and offered college scholarships to top scholars

"I can't wait. I'm very excited," the academy's PTA president, Yvonne McDowell, said. "Mary J. Blige has been extremely supportive to our scholars."

The city Education Department leaves it up to schools to book their speakers. At Brooklyn's Edward R. Murrow High School, officials sent an invitation to CBS News anchor Katie Couric"

Edward R. Murrow was the CBS News anchor," said parent coordinator Rose Dasch. "She has the same spot." Couric accepted - to the school's delight. "

I assume Mary will be on CBS News around the 6pm (EST) time frame. Stay tunned! 


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