Studio footage of Mary J. Blige recording classic "Stairway to Heaven"

July 25, 2010

Here's the studio footage of Mary recording the Led Zepplin classic "Stairway To Heaven", the vidoe features Ron fair, Randy Jackson and some others I've never heard of. A beautiful song is what this is, the lyrical content is very heavy and complex. Of course, live Mary delivers. But the ultimate fail on Mary's camp was releasing and performing this song on TWO of the biggest shows in America (Opran & American Idol). The song isn't even on the fucking album (here in the states). Excuse my french, but it upsets me when Mary's camp makes twisted moves like this, because it reflects on her sales and chart status. According to the UK forums they're still waiting for Mary to perform this on a big show there, they say the song will blow up.


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