Mary J. Blige's total U.S. PHYSICAL sales, well just about 80% of her sales...

July 8, 2010

Alot have wondered & alot have guesses, but i have Mary's total United States PHYSICAL sales and SOME download sales. Mary's total download sales will soon come, i'm in the process of getting that info from

Mary's United States Physical sales are as Follow:

Mary US Single sales:

*You Remind Me - 650,000 (Gold Certification)

*Real Love - 700,000 (Gold Certification)

*You're All I Need - 1,200,000 (Platinum Certification)

*Not Gon Cry - 1,350,000 (Platinum Certification)

Be Without You - 2,000,000 (Double Certification) MasterTones & 1,000,000 in Digital Downloads. Total record sales for this song are 3,000,000 in the states.

Runaway Love - 1,000,000 (Platinum Certification)

Just Fine - US= 500,000 (Missing Certification)

Mary's total US Physical/Download Sales = 6.4 Million

Mary U.K. Single sales:
1995- UK Top Selling Singles Artists 1995, Mary placed 82 with physical single sales of 200,000 

1997- UK Top Selling Singles Artists 1997, Mary placed 63 with physical single sales of 270,000 

1999- UK Top Selling Singles Artists 1999, Mary placed 75 with physical single sales of 246,988

2000 - Mary's 2000 estimated physical single sales 161,916

2001-  Mary's 2001 estimated physical single sales 195,000

2002 - Total physical 2002 sales for "No More Drama" 56,000

UK Top Selling Singles Artists 2006, Mary placed 35 with download single sales of 220,000

2008-  Total UK sales for "Just Fine" - 66500 

Mary's total UK Physical/Download Single Sales=  1.5 Million


Mary's TOTAL UK & US Physical & Download Sales =  7.9-8 Million (Based off the 80% of info I have)

Mary's PHYSICAL United States studio Album sales:

What's the 411 - 3,300,000 (Triple Certification)

My Life - 2,800,000 (Triple Certification)

Share My World - Sold 2.8 million w/soundscan & 558,000 with "Sony Music Club", which brings it's total to 3,358,000 (Triple Certification)

Mary - 2,200,000 (Double Certification) Keep in mind "Mary" is "Mary's best selling album in Japan, which I find to be very interesting.

No More Drama - 3,100,000 (Double Certification...Missing One Certification), According to European Top 500 Albums, "NMD" HAS SOLD 2,446,000 there alone.

Love & Life - 1,000,000 (Platinum Certification)

The Breakthrough - 3,100,000 (Triple Certification), According to Europe's Top 1000 albums, "The Breakthrough" has sold 2,041,0000 there alone.

Growing Pains - 1,700,000 (No Certification). According to the worldwide sales from that year "GP" sold 2.3 million.

Stronger WithEach Tear - 900,000 (Gold Certification)

Total studio album sales= 21.610.000


Mary's remix, live, & other albums:

What's the 411 (Remix) - 500,000 (Gold Certification)

The Tour - 500,000 (Gold Certification)

Dance Album - 100,000 (No Certification)

Mary J & Friends - 100,000 (No Certifications)

Reflections - 800,000 (No Certification)

Total: 2.4 Million

Total studio PHYSICAL album sales (states) = 22.600,000

Total (single and album) sales are: 28.3 million

Total (estimated) physical album, single, and download sales in the United Sales = 35 million records.

Other Sales:

Family Affair - 2 million Records (worldwide).

One - 5,500,000 downloads/records (worldwide)

So, Mary's best selling albums are as followed What's the 411?, Share My World, The Breakthrough, No More Drama, My Life, Mary, Growing Pains, Love&Life, & Stronger WithEach Tear. The PHYSICAL album & single sales are just about all accurate, but then you have songs like "Love Without A Limit", "Sweet Thing", & "Im Going Down" that sold in the range of 100,000 - 300,000 copies & the download sales I'm NOT 100% sure on, im waiting on Billboard to post those numbers. These #'s will be updated regularly. I'll be doing more research.

In 2003 according to Mary's record label stated Mary sold 5 million albums outside the states and 5 million single sales. since 2003 we've had "The Breakthrough", "Reflections", "Growing Pains" and  "Stronger withEach Tear", when combined the total wordwide sales for the albums mentoned that's 5.2 million, which would bring Mary's album sales outside of the states to an estimated 15.2 million.

Estimated Worldwide Mary J. Blige album sales = 34,500,000

Mary's press release says she's sold "40 million records" worldwide, when in the states alone she's sold over 40 million records. Mary's camp slacks when it comes to Mary's sales & certifications. As you can see she has 3 albums missing RIAA certification & a few singles missing certification.

Clearly Mary has sold 60 - 70 million records worldwide.

Again, these are her U.S. sales, NOT her WORLDWIDE sales. Her camp needs to update her press release. If & when someone wants to know MJB's sales give them this link, because I'll be updating it as time goes by.


Markee001 at: August 4, 2010 at 12:10 PM said...

WOW Amazing Stats & this only takes into consideration Mary's US Sales & Downloads!! IMPRESSIVE WORK

Anonymous at: August 15, 2010 at 10:04 PM said...

Thanks. She is missng from the wikipedia list of top selling artists (starting point 50Million). Her people need to get on it.

Anonymous at: September 6, 2010 at 7:25 PM said...

Thank you for clearing things up. I have always said that Mary does not get the credit she deserves.

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