More details on Mary J. Blige's "My Life" July 31st perfume debut

July 13, 2010

As you all know Mary will make her HSN debut on July 31st to market her highly anticipated "My Life" perfume. So, I took time to seach HSN's website for more details on Mary's perfume, below I provided a link that'll give you details on OTHER products Mary will be selling on July 31st, along with prices for each item.

Items include "My Life" shower lotion, "My Life" lotion, Perfume, & "My Life" perfume scroll pen. I like the direction she's going with this, but as I've said before...I question the marketing strategy.

This approach will be VERY hard to convice to 90 million americans. Yes, Mary has conviction when performing from her legendary catalog of worldwide hits, but convincing people to purchase a sent that they've NEVER smelled will be interesting. Mary has to bring her A game, if there needs to be script prepared for it. If there needs to be it. But It's VERY possible, because if My Life follows past Mary - Carol’s Daughter-HSN patterns (for instance, the brand moved 3,000 units of bath salts in 15 minutes and 3,300 units of its body souffl├ęs in 23 minutes during a May 2008 appearance) the scent may sell out before Blige does her last show. That's great over 6,000 products in less than 45min.

My personal review: In the July 2010 issue of Essence magazine there's a sample smell strip of "My Life" available to smell. I was shocked at how beautiful it smelled, im not just saying this because I'm a Mary J. Blige fan. The smell is very original. I couldn't help but smile because when I smelled "My Life" I knew that Mary truly put her heart & soul into making "My Life". The smell is genuine, fruity, & relaxing. I would add sexy into the equation, but it's too sophisticated to add such. I can only wish the best for Mary & Carols Daughter.!sf 


John at: July 13, 2010 at 1:43 PM said...

Cute review.

Tierra at: July 14, 2010 at 2:11 AM said...

i can't wait to get it, and if it smells just like you said, then im going to get the lotion, shower gel, and the scroll. now how you doin

Anonymous at: July 25, 2010 at 2:13 PM said...

it doesnt say wether shell be somewhere for coustomers 2 buy it... like a meet and greet situation

Markee001 at: July 28, 2010 at 2:51 PM said...

Good review-Will be tuned into to HSN 31st -Trouble is HSN do not accept orders nor payments from overseas. Ive had this trouble before. Shame but i guess i will have to wait for a UK Launch of "My Life" & also "Melodies" as well. If there is anyone out there who knows of a way round the prob please DM me. Thanks

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