Update on Mary J. Blige's "My Life" perfume...

July 31, 2010

As of 45 min ago the perfume has sold an astonishing 26,000 bottles (per HSN), Beyonce held the record for selling 70,000 bottles in one week, lmao @ Mary doing almost half of that in one day. The Queen has GROWN women & men support. She still remains as the ONLY female artist who has all of her studio, greatest hits, live, & remix albums sell 1 million copies around the world. Mary has a loyal fan base. Praise Mary Allah Blige!

Here's where you can purchase the perfume, along with shower gel & body lotion.

As of 5:30p, EST ******Update******* ----> "RT @womensweardaily HSN is 33 years old and Mary J Blige just sold her 33,000th bottle of My Life."


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