Vocal Battle; MJB vs. Whitney vs. Mariah

July 16, 2010

I decided to post this video in honor of Mary's vocal growth and power.

A real vocalist knows Mariah's soft, melodic, & whistle register is all she had, she never had head notes, power notes, or a strong voice. Her vocals has always been overrated since day one. WhAs of 2005 on up Mariah's voice isn't even rusty, it's just dead.itney...the voice, she had the power, rande, & melodic range. Whitney's voice died too. How sad.

Like fine wine Mary's voice get's better with time. Her Aside from the conviction & soul, Mary'strol, falsetto, & head notes are superior. She's teaching these gorls how to give a REAL performance. In this day & age you we can HONESTLY say Mary is the better vocalist of them all!

Live & learn


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