Video & Pics of Mary J. Blige at T.I.'s private party at Axe.

August 17, 2010

Mary was doing it!

The 3 hour concert featured Kanye West, Keri Hilson, and he addressed "The Queen of Music"...Mary J. Blige.

TI performed an unheard of over 30 songs. A hot mess. I would of yawned my way through his entire set, until Mary came out. His lifeless delivery and typical metaphors couldn't get my money if I needed his music to save my three kids from starvation.

Click this link for pictures of Mary and TI's weak delivery ---->

I'm currently doing this from my blackberry, so, once I get to my laptop, I'll upload the pictures.

***I have FOUR others who contribute to this site, I don't know where you all are. And where the hell is my assistant?

I'll be sending out emails today, so, check yall emails.***

But, Mary looks great!


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