Mary J. Blige cheated out of World Music Award, details below...

August 13, 2010
So, after doing some research, I realized the Queen Mary J. Blige was cheated out of Best selling R&B act at the 2006 World Music Awards.

That night Beyonce walked away as the best selling R&B act in the world & Mary J. Blige placed second at the ceremony. That award was given away based on POPULARITY, BEY DID NOT OUTSELL MARY.



Here's a breakdown;

Mary's first week sales - 730,000, The Largest first week sales for a solo R&B female artist (a record at that time), 2 weeks at #1, 12 weeks in the top 5 (a record at that time).

Bey's first week sales - 541,000, No records were set.

Here's the 2006 soundscan press release --->


(Per Soundscan) These were the top selling albums of 2006 (based on Album sales from 01/02/2006 - 12/31/2006):
1 Soundtrack / High School Musical 3,719,07
2 Me and My Gang / Rascal Flatts 3,479,994
3 Some Hearts / Carrie Underwood 3,015,950
4 All the Right Reasons/ Nickelback 2,688,166
5 Futuresex/Love ? / Justin Timberlake 2,377,127
6 Back to Bedlam / James Blunt 2,137,142
7 B day / Beyonce 2,010,310
8 Soundtrack/ Hannah Montana 1,987,68
9 Taking the Long Way/ Dixie Chicks 1,856,284
10. Extreme Behavior/ Hinder 1,817,350

As you can see "The Breakthrough" did NOT make this list, because it sold 1.6 million in 2006.

BUT...2006 TOP TEN SELLING ARTISTS(based on Album sales from 01/02/2006-12/31/2006)

1 Rascal Flatts 4,970,640
2 Johnny Cash 4,826,320
3 Nickelback 3,160,025
4 Carrie Underwood 3,016,123
5 Beatles 2,812,720
6 Tim McGraw 2,657,675
7 Andrea Bocelli 2,524,689
8 *Mary J. Blige 2,485,897
9 Keith Urban 2,442,577
10. Justin Timberlake 2,437,763

*So, some of you are probably wondering, how can Mary make top selling albums artist of 2008, but not make best selling albums list. Well, wouldn't of placed on that list because from 01/02/2006 -12/31/2006 "The Breakthrough" sold 1.69 million copies, but Mary's catalog sold an astonishing 700,000 albums in 2006 alone, which is why the total 2.4 million came up. Something Janitor Jackson has NEVER done.

Catch my are the album sales from

Mediatraffic 2006 worldend charts (Based on Album Sales from 1/14/2006 - Jan 6 2007)
The Breakthrough - 2.444.000 million
B'Day - 3.100.000

The Breakthrough speant 66 weeks on the European album charts & Bey's B'Day spent 40 weeks on the European album charts.

For those of you who STILL don't get it...

The world charts based their best selling albums sales from 1/14/2006-December 2006
But if you click here you'll see the first week on the world album charts clocks Mary at 796,000 albums sold ---->

Then the second week Mary sold 280,000 ---->

Which means from Jan. 1st - Jan 12th Mary sold 1.076.000 albums, which would bring her total 2006 worldwide album sales for "The Breakthrough" were 3.520.000 & if you include the 700,000 her catalog sold in 2006 (Per soundscan) that's a total of ----> 4.220.000 albums sold in 2006 worldwide.

Mary sold 4.220.000 albums in 2006 worldwide.
Bey sold 3.100.000 albums worldwide.

According to soundscans press release "Be Without You" was the #1 song on radio w/over 400,000 plays that year. :-)

Mary's "Be Without You" has sold over 3.3 million records in the states alone.
It has a double certification for it's MT sales & as of Dec. 07 "Be Without You" sold 1.3 million downloads, which brings up the 3.3 million total records.

"To The Left" sold like 1 million downloads (in the states).

Proof ---->

Mediatraffic world end singles chart:
Be Without You - 2.891.000
One: 2.691.000

Check On It - 3.674.000
Deja Vu - 2.531.000

Marys 2006 world end top 10's;
Be Without You
Runaway Love

Here's Europes top 20 selling downloads of 2006 --->

You'll see Mary had the 11th best selling song in Europe. In 2006 sales for that song were at 2.3 million downloads (not including master tones).
Beyonce didn't place in the top 20. :-)

Mary made history, set records, & broke records in 2006. Bey broke none. :-)

This is just more proof of Matthew using payola.



Ashley at: August 13, 2010 at 7:51 PM said...

Wow. If you look at the breakdown of the sales the publisher is right. The publisher also provided Bey sales, which makes him even more right.
I hope Mary reads this.

Markee001 at: August 14, 2010 at 5:39 AM said...

Wow- Obviously the Award for Best selling R&B Act was decided long before the results were in-You just cant argue with the facts. Bey did not outsell Mary !!! FACT 4.2M against 3.1M & still Mary loses out. FACT -Sounds like a case of "Forget the Stats-Beyonce is getting the Award" -Money talks & its Always nice to see Daddy maybe helping out his Little Girl. Bey's Album was slated in parts of Europe tho saying that the Album Title alone didnt help. Her Mngmnt Team really should have pointed out to her that the word "Bidet" pronounced BeeDay means something completely different here in the UK & Europe. Tho if you look at the European translation the Title is quite apt. LOL

Tierra at: August 14, 2010 at 5:39 PM said...

i totally agree with Markee001!!!!!

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