My Review on "Break Up To Make Up"

August 30, 2010
I'm listening to the song for the 3rd time as I type this.

Based on the twitter video and hype from both Mary and Swizz, I expected something unique, but bold, encouraging and vocally challenging. The lyrics are typical and standard; the song lacks substance and doesn't give me "Mary J. Blige sound". The first 30 seconds I felt like I was in space trying to balance on the moon, I couldn't figure out the direction of the sound. I don't get it, what was the goal for this record? I know it's just a throwaway, but in reality Mary's throw aways are some of her BEST material.

Swizz is an awesome producer but him and Mary working together doesn't give me Ron Fair, Terry Lewis, & 90's Diddy chemistry. His typical sirens, shouts, and loud production are all hype with ZERO substance. Swizz needs to stick to being a bad role model and not working with Queen Mary J. Blige, then he tried it when he pulled that "This is 911 merged with 411 Mary"...LIES! Or get us collaboration with Queen Mary and Princess Alicia.

It seems as if picking singles for Mary's last two studio efforts have become a bit of a challange. Both "Growing Pains" and "Stronger withEach Tear" are Mary's most radio friendly records, but due to lack of caring, the albums were put on the back burner. Mary fans weren't happy and still aren't happy about the outlook of Mary's recent projects. Personally, "I Feel Good" and "I Can't Wait" should have been released. They both were radio friendly and would of slayed on both the pop and R&B charts...that's another post for another day.

Lyrically Mary's been lacking, "Color" and "I Can Do Bad" makes up for it, (Mary) if you ever need some good, strong, and complex writers...hit my website and I'll give you a few contacts. No tea, No shade.

At the end of the day, if you're happy...I'm happy.


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