New Music Mary J. Blige "Break Up To Make Up"

August 28, 2010

We all know Queen Mary J. Blige been in the studio this pass week working on Tracks with Mega Producer Swizz Beats for the Undisputed Queen album #10. Swizz Beats calls the MJB upcoming album What's the 411? meets 911! I believe we have a Emergency that album is gonna be Fire!!! Check This New leak Track from the Queen! "Break Up To Make Up"!!


Ace Dizzy Flow at: August 29, 2010 at 1:12 AM said...

this is Ace Dizzy Flow of Not Quite Millionaires (NQM), appreciate the love.

markee at: August 29, 2010 at 6:06 PM said...

So looking frwd to the Album Release. Loved the Stronger Album both UK & US Versions & hopefully if Mary's PR & Publicity Machine gets rolling I Think Album #10 is gonna be Huge. With well over a Million Followers on Twitter & Facebook they also have the ideal vehicle for ready-Made Publicity . With the Massive success of "My Life" , the upcoming US & Euro Tours, the obvious TV appearances she'll be making on both sides of the Atlantic as well as the Movie production , 2010/2011 is going to be a tough but exciting time for Mary. Just hope the Music Industries make an effort to Acknowledge the fact that next year marks the 20th Anniversary of a True Music Icon. She Deserves It, She's Earned it, We Want It.

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