Billboard explains Mary J. Blige's importance in music

September 22, 2010
I came across this article of praising Queen Mary's influence on
music, sales, & record labels.

Excerpts from Article Below;

"At a time when album sales continue to plummet, artists like R&B/hip-
hop veteran Mary J. Blige is still able to move an impressive number of
units. And that suggests this consumer segment might represent a greater
opportunity for labels than they've realized."

***The Queen continues to slay.***


"I think labels are starting to pay more attention to this demo now," says
Carolyn Williams, senior VP of marketing for RCA Music Group, which
includes J Records. "With the shift to the digital realm, labels tend to think
the same group of 13- year-old girls downloading and listening to single
songs will also drive album sales. But the industry has been watching
artists sell millions in single downloads but not do great first-week album

An interesting fact...

"Fantasia's "Back to Me" generated debut-week sales of 117 ,000 in the
United States and 40 ,000 in its second week of release, according to
Nielsen SoundScan. CDs accounted for 90 % of those sales, compared with
80 % of total R&B/hip-hop album sales so far this year and 71.3 % of overall
U.S. album sales."


" publisher Chris Rizik notes that 30- to 50- year-old females
polled by his site say they buy 20 or more CDs per year and heavily favor
buying albums on CD rather than individual song downloads."

"Meanwhile, artists like Fantasia and Monica have developed beyond just
issuing hit singles, Rizik says, noting that these younger artists are
cultivating the same kind of intimate rapport with their listeners as Blige
has long enjoyed with her fans. "The younger sisters of Mary J.'s fans," as
Rizik describes them, find the depth and honesty in Fantasia and Monica's
current albums very appealing, he says."

"These artists' hits are like chapters, but their fans want the whole story,"
Rizik says. "And that drives their CD sales."


"Blige, whose 2009 album "Stronger With Each Tear" clocked in with an
impressive 330 ,000 in its first week, according to SoundScan. "Stronger"
remains a Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart fixture with sales of 826,000 (
with just two radio released singles) units to date, of which 91.6 % have
been CDs, according to SoundScan."

"Rizik also feels major labels are missing the boat with nonmainstream
black female singer/songwriters with potential appeal to the 25- plus
African-American female demo. "That arena is still mostly untapped," he
says, noting that independent artists like Conya Doss and Angela Johnson "
have created their own loyal following who will not only buy their CDs at
stores that carry them but will buy them by the hundreds at their live

***Dead at BeYAWNce NOT targeting this age group, when CLEARLY she's
suppose to!!
13 year olds don't make you a legend. Lmao***

"RCA's Williams says having a strong single at urban adult radio is a key
advantage in marketing and building awareness in this particular demo
group. In Fantasia's case, it was the single "Bittersweet," which hit No. 1 on
Adult R&B and is No. 7 this week on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. " Everything
to Me" reintroduced Monica to the marketplace, claiming No. 1 on both
Adult R&B and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles earlier this year. "Urban adult
radio listeners are still physical-album buyers," Williams says. "They'll go
to Target, Best Buy and other brick-and-mortars to buy an album. And
people underestimate that a lot. Radio is still the No. 1 medium for
listening and discovering an album for this group."

Dead at MAJOR legendary record labels saying Mary is responsible for fans
of both male & female R&B artist.

She's the core to R&B!

Dead at record labels objective being to capture her loyal fan base & applying
it to other artist.

Dead at Mary fans purchasing albums & NOT being here for downloads...I
fucking live!

Dead at Mary having a mature, rich, & educated age group that purchase her
albums & all of R&B albums.

I feel so bad for Rihanna she better try to target that 25 year old empty
slot...she can't sell an album to save her & her unborn child life.

Ugh! My Queen Mary continues to prove why she's Queen without trying.
Record labels are having corporate meetings trying to figure out how to
get Mary J. Blige's audience to buy others albums.

This article may be the best article Billboard has written.


Tierra at: September 23, 2010 at 9:17 PM said...

very true, that's why Mary is the queen

MarcusE at: September 25, 2010 at 2:29 PM said...

Mary's a true Diva & Icon-Nuff Said

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