Mary J. Blige announces UK Arena Tour (Dates)

September 1, 2010
Mary J Blige has always been at the top of the R&B world, making beautiful and moving music that touches people from all walks of life at any age. A huge part of Mary J. Blige's unique talent comes from her unmistakeable gorgeous voice mixed with the talent to bring hard hitting lyrics to life, convey drama and speak for others. In concert Mary J. Blige is even more outstanding, captivating audiences and delivering sensational performances that owe her that deserved title - the Queen of R&B.

Mary J Blige will be supported by the multi- platinum selling home-grown superstar Lemar. The BRIT and MOBO Award winner who has helped put soul back on the pop map, has sold over 2 million albums and had six top 10 singles including 'If There's Any Justice', ' 50 /50 ' and ' Time To Grow'.

This will be the megastar Diva's first UK tour in over two years and follows the critically acclaimed, Stronger With Each Tear which reached Top 5 on the UK R&B chart and No1 in the same US Chart. This latest album has as its central theme the idea that we know that if we want to achieve anything we have to accept that our work is never over, and by keeping going, all the trials, tribulations and tears only make us stronger.

After 15 years of success in the music industry, including nine Grammy albums, eight multi- platinum albums and over 40 million albums sales & 65 million record sales, Mary J. Blige is certainly one who practices what she preaches. Not content to rest on her laurels, she is still looking for new challenges. As well as being in charge of Matriarch Entertainment , her music, film and TV company, Mary co-executive produced the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed film "Precious", appeared alongside Elvis Costello on the season finale of "30 Rock", as well as taking on an acting role in Tyler Perry's comedy drama "I Can Do Bad By Myself" (where she played part of a 'Greek chorus' alongside Gladys Knight).

Tickets are priced from £40.00 ( excluding booking fee) check out Mary J Blige's official website for ticket details

Full Tour Dates: 02 November London The O2 Arena
03 November Birmingham Lg Arena
05 November Manchester Men Arena

Great article.

For the life of me and my gay father I don't understand why Mary won't do more dates than her typical 3-5 shows in the UK...Europe Does she not realize she has 2 albums in their 500 European best selling albums of all time list? which clearly makes my claim valid, there's only about 7 acts who have 2 or more albums on that list.


Marcus at: September 1, 2010 at 10:33 AM said...

So looking forward to having Mary in the UK soon. Know she's real busy right now but honestly she would sell out the London O2 Arena if she was there for 3 nites & not just the 1. Anytimes a good time to see MJB but theres gonna b a lot of disappointed people without tkts Just hope she visits again when filming starts in France. We Luv havin Mary here we just want her here more often.

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