Queen Of R&B/NYC Mary J. Blige Spotted Leaving her Manhatten Hotel....

September 2, 2010

Queen Mary J. Blige Spotted leaving her Manhatten hotel Tuesday (Sept 1), MJB is all set to go on her fall tour Oct. 2. with Princess of R&B Jazmin Sullivan, Miguel and El Debarge!! Queen Mary is also working on Album #10 which may be release sometime this year. Also The Dream was spotted leaving his hotel the same day, could it be the queen teaming up with Mr. Nash on her album again? According to her twitter updates the queen was in the studio with the Dream, Neyo, Swizzy, and Busta Rhymes! Stay Tuned!


Thaddeus at: September 3, 2010 at 11:25 AM said...

I hope I catch her while she's here.

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