Mary J. Blige Protege Starshell Debuts

October 20, 2010
(IGA) Mary J. Blige's protege Starshell released her debut single "Superluva" this week on Matriarch/Geffen Records. "Superluva" was produced by Fernando Garibay, the famed producer who has worked with Lady Gaga, U2, Britney Spears and more, and is available at iTunes today.

Starshell's as-yet-untitled debut album, featuring savvy, creative and talented producers and writers such as, Scott Storch, Jerry Wonda, Swizz Beats, , Ne-Yo, Jeff Bhasker and Martin Kierszenbaum, to name a few, will be released in the New Year.

Says Mary J. Blige of the rising star, "Starshell is not someone who wanted to be a star, she always knew she would be. She knew what she wanted then and she knows exactly what she wants now. She has a beautiful spirit, a beautiful heart and so much integrity and intelligence. I admire her will to be positive no matter what things may look like. She knows it's going to always work out. She's destined and determined to be the best she can be in everything she does. God bless her."

Starshell is an accomplished songwriter who has co-penned several songs, most notably "Love Lockdown" for Kanye West and "I Can See in Color" and "Closer" plus new songs for Mary J. Blige.

Starshell is a true product of the 80s. She received her musical education and training by avidly watching "Soul Train" and MTV and during her college days at George Washington University began writing songs with Tremaine Lewis, son of Terry Lewis (of songwriting/production duo Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis).

In the spring of 2008 Starshell met Mary J. Blige and her husband, Matriarch President Kendu Isaccs. Days later, Starshell was in a studio with Mary, Kendu and Marsha Ambrosius of British R&B duo Floetry. The three women bonded, carrying on like old friends and an impromptu writing session ensued. A couple months later, Starshell signed with Matriarch, which then signed a promotion and distribution deal with Geffen for its new artist.

I wish her nothing but love and respect!


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Sois absolutamente derechos. En esto algo es yo pienso que es la idea excelente.

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