Mary J Blige’s heart for Zim’s broken women, also she teams up with Oprah

December 16, 2010
American singer, producer, songwriter, actress and rapper Mary “Mary J” Jane Blige is expected to touch down at Harare International Airport on Friday night ahead of her one- off show to be held Saturday evening at the Jaggers Warehouse in Msasa, Harare.

Tinopona Katsande, spokesperson for promoters Impeccable, said Mary J will arrive Friday night and visit one of the safe houses for abused women in Zimbabwe on Saturday.

“On Saturday, Mary J will visit one of the homes where abused women in Zimbabwe reside as she wants to meet and interact with them. She will share her stories with them and try to assist them,” said Katsande.

She said Mary J was passionate about helping other abused women as she was also a victim of abuse.
Through the musician, some women have managed to solve their problems with their husbands while others have successfully managed to walk away from abusive relationships.

The star will also go on a tour of Harare where she will visit areas such as the Heroes’ Acre and Mbare. Mary J has committed herself to portray Zimbabwe as she would have experienced it and will use her perceptions of the country for an Oprah Winfrey interview early next year.

Footage of her stay in Zimbabwe will also be used during the show.

Mary J is a woman who has infused her manifold troubles into her music, simultaneously offering solace to listeners and healing her own wounds.

Blige’s music makes self-help-speak come alive to the extent that it might actually fulfill its purpose and help people.

According to Mary J’s website, her own struggles with drugs, alcohol and abusive relationships are all in the past. She started her musical career in 1992 and starred in several movie roles. 

Considering Mary is expecting to release her 10th studio album in March. 2011, I'm thinking the show will air in March. 

Hmm...So far looks like Mary is being strategic with promoting this album. #iFuckingLive.


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