MJB Reminder: Mary will return to HSN tonight!

December 9, 2010

The Queen of Perfume sales Mary J. Blige will make an EPIC return to HSN studios tonight at 12am (midnight) Est. 

Tell your friends, family, & tell your lovers! DO NOT TELL BROKE PEOPLE!

For those of you who don't recall Mary's previous stay on HSN, she broke a record by having sold 60,000 bottles of "My Life" in 6 hrs worth of TV time. Placing her in the prestigious fragrance market!

Click here for a full itinerary of what she'll be selling on HSN tonight!  --->*$CampaignName$*background&ccm=bs|7414

She's showing she can venture outside of music and set records outside of music.

Tune in! ------> Below is the scheduled times Mary is expected to be on.

Date Time (ET)
Friday, December 10, 2010 12:00 AM
Friday, December 10, 2010 12:00 PM
Friday, December 10, 2010 9:00 PM

Mary J Blige the R&B sensational singer has a new perfume line that she is releasing to the public on HSN.  She is teaming up with Carols Daughter, the popular natural hair and beauty care product line, to reveal her brand just in time for the Christmas season.  HSN showcases a lot of star products such as jewlery, clothing, perfumes, exercise equipment, and more.

The My Life by Mary J Blige perfume collection which is also called the Mary J Blige Holiday Spirits Gift set will be featured on HSN starting on December 10 and ending on December 11.  The air times for the show are 12am, 1am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 9pm, and 10pm.  Normally when HSN advertises products from celebrities they will run their product for an entire 24 hours at varying times.
Note:  To get your own Mary J fragrance visit My Life Mary J Blige Perfume!!

Mary J has a website that customers can visit to get more information about her perfume and what she will be discussing while she is on HSN.  The website that viewers can visit is which actually takes you to Carols Daughters facebook page.  At the Facebook page fans can interact with other fans as well as gather more information about Mary.

Some of the other information that is shown on the facebook page is tweets that Mary is sending to all of her fans reminding them to watch the show as well as tidbits about her perfume

There are also great shots of Mary J from past photos that fans can select her 3 best looks in their opinion.  Not only is there info about Mary but there is a lot of information about Carols Daughter and their hair and beauty products.
At the HSN website there is a small catalog of Mary Js perfume and beauty items.  She sells different kinds of beauty products such as perfume, body cream, gift sets, and more.  HSN has her product line categorized from best selling, HSN picks, customer ratings, newest, priced from highest to lowest, and prices from lowest to highest.
Her holiday gift set will rock your inner diva with a perfect medley of fruit, woods and florals. A blend of femininity, confidence and strength, this celebrity fragrance spray is very sexy. Commanding center stage on your dresser, the beautiful heart-shaped glass bottle is topped with a mirror-finish gold tone cap embossed with Mary J. Blige. And because you never want to be without your signature scent, an elegant My Life rollerball is included for fragrant touchups.


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