MJBReminder: Mary J. Blige will be on the Martha Stewart on 12/9/2010

December 8, 2010
Mary J. Blige makes a Christmas craft and Johnny Pigozzi shares photography tips.

Mary J. Blige will be on the Martha Stewart show tomorrow for her "My Life" fragrance promo.
A special thank you to @MarysJoint from twitter for proving me with this info. Like Mary's yesterday appearance, I had no idea she was making a promo tour for "My Life". It would be genius if someone gave Mary's team the knowledge to post this information on twitter & also on her own damn site ---> 
You guys know how much we love Mary & we don't want to miss her on t.v., it only upsets me when in 2010 that Mary's team is still lacking at promoting Mary J. Blige the brand & Mary J. Blige the singer.  

Does her team realize this is the digital era? Facebook, twitter, &, should of ALL been alerted of such an event!

How tragic.  


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