Mary J. Blige recounts perfume memory nightmares

May 29, 2011
Mary J. Blige used to hate floral fragrances because they reminded her of school teachers' scents that made her want to 'cough on them'.

The 40-year-old songstress launched her first perfume, My Life, in July of last year, and the scent picked up two gongs at the prestigious FiFi Awards this week. The event, which is also known as the 'Oscars of the perfume world' honours the fragrance industry's creative achievements and is the most prominent event of its kind.

Mary says despite her success with her perfume venture, she was originally turned off by fragrances.

"I had no idea that I loved florals like this before. I thought I hated florals because I had bad experiences in school, with the teachers - the way the teachers wore it, that smell - it made you want to cough on them,' she told

The star insists perfume is a fundamental requirement in her daily beauty regime. She has admitted she isn't sparing when it comes to spritzing her scent of choice.

"I spray it on my décolletage, behind my ears, in my hair. I'll even spray a little cloud and walk into it. I'll spray it all around here [motioning towards her waist]. It depends!" she explained.

Mary, who won awards in the sales breakthrough and direct to consumer categories, says she is passionate about her perfume. The American singer is proud to put her name to her scent, My Life.

"We put our all into this, just like I do with my music. I give everything to anything I out there. I'm not going to slap my name on anything I don't believe in. And I believe in My Life," she added.



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