Mary J. Blige's iTunes/Chart update

May 23, 2011
After a stunning performance from Mary J. Blige at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, the song "Someone To Love Me" had a sale surge last night. Currently, the song sits at number 28 on the Billboard R&B single chart. A Hot 100 entry isn't sure at this moment.

Someone To Love Me:

on U.S. iTunes top 10 R&B chart.

#8 on France iTunes top 10 R&B chart.

#8 on Canada iTunes top 10 R&B chart.

The 5 year old mega-hit "One" is still on the top 10 iTunes chart. Consistently for over 5 years. The chart stats are as follow:

#9 in Greece.

#6 in Italy.

#3 in Portugal.



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