Throwback: Mary J. Blige live On Oprah

May 25, 2011
Since today is the farewell episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, i thought what better way to celebrate one of Mary's dear friends then post all her live performances here. I hope you enjoy and relieve all the classic Mary & Oprah moments

Ooh!/No More Drama (live in 2003)

Be Without You (live in 2006)

Family Affair (live in 2006)

Mary J. Blige - Family Affair (live on Oprah... by Dtwmjb12
Be Without You (live in 2007)

Take Me As I Am (live in 2007)

Stay Down (live in 2008)

America's Song (live in 2009)

What Child Is This (with Andrea Bocelli live in 2009)

Stairway To Heaven (live in 2010)
Each Tear (live in 2010)

Mary's farewell message to Oprah

Mary J. Blige at Oprah's Legends Ball


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