Picture & tweets about Mary at BET Awards Rehearsal

June 25, 2011

Reviews about Mary's rehearsal:
@TyeSoFree: #shoutout to @MaryJBlige. Her new track was crazy. Don't sleep on the queen.

RT @giftedsoulent: RT @thatgrapejuice: MARY J BLIGE just NAILED her BET Awards rehearsal! "It ain't over till it's over!" #BETAwards

RT: @LivviFranc: Mary J Blige is performing a song me and @MadameButtons wrote on sunday at the BET awards!

RT: @synsha: Just left BET awards rehearsal. If you plan to watch the show you are in for a treat. S/O to #Mary J Blige #KevinHart #JadaKiss


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