Rapper Vertigone gets inspiration from Mary J. Blige

June 14, 2011
"I initially thought I might do a feel-good track, since the instrumental is so upbeat and vibrant," Vert tells us. He did a little research on Simone, reading about her history as a singer, speaker and activist in the civil rights movement. The verses came to him after he hit upon an interview with Mary J. Blige, who has been cast as Simone in an upcoming biopic."

"Mary J. Blige said in her interview that she didn't know that she and Nina Simone shared some of the same demons and called her a drug addict. I don't know how rooted in honesty that statement is, but it helped me determine a direction to write the song," Vert says. "I tried to make it fun and accessible, but it's still serious, to me at least. The first verse is my interpretation of drug culture based on people who I am -- or have been -- close to. The second verse is about my drinking addiction. I threw in a few funny punch lines to distract from the theme."



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