@MaryJBlige Says She 'Wanted To Die' When Recording 2nd Album 'My Life'

July 12, 2011

The Queen of R&B Soul says that life was so depressing when she was growing up that everyone just "wanted to die." Mary's upcoming album, 'My Life: The Journey Continues' revisits her iconic second album, but is about enjoying life and being happy instead.

"It's called The Journey Continues because on the first 'My Life' album, we were all just depressed and wanted to die," she explains to MTV News.

"This one, we want to live and we understand with living, life still comes with challenges and triumphs and good times and bad times."

Mary explains that while she is trying to send out a positive message with the album, there will be a mix of different sounds. "There's ballads, there's midtempos, uptempos. There's love songs, there's pain songs. There's triumph songs, there's workout songs. There's all kinda stuff!"

"I just want to express again, not just my own, but just people's lives around me and just celebrate it."

Will the second instalment in 'My Life' compare to the original?



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