Foxy Brown Says She & Mary J. Blige Intended To Release A Joint LP Titled "Best Of Both Girls"

August 29, 2011
Fox Boogs and MJB recorded five songs for the project, which never surfaced.

During a recent live performance in Newark, New Jersey, Foxy Brown revealed that she and Mary J. Blige originally intended to release a collaborative album. While addressing the crowd, Fox Boogs explained that they recorded five tracks together for an album titled Best of Both Girls, inspired by Jay-Z and R. Kelly’s The Best of Both Worlds.

“People don’t know, me and Mary J. Blige recorded five records for an album called The Best of Both Girls, like Jay and R. Kelly did The Best of Both Worlds,” she said. “Mary’s like a big sister to me. And in the middle of recording those records, I lost all my hearing.”

The former Firm member said that she was originally supposed to be featured on Blige’s “Enough Cryin’” single, but her hearing loss prevented her from recording. Instead of getting another female rapper to do the part, Blige opted to rap the part for her under her alias Brook-Lynn.

“So when you hear Mary in the video like, ‘You turned your back and back I came running / But the simple fact is that you ain't want me,’ that was me. And Mary had enough respect to say, ‘Listen, before I go get another rap bitch to do your part, I’ma call myself Brook-Lyn and I’ma learn ya part and I’ma go in and rap it for you.’”



Anonymous at: September 2, 2011 at 10:28 PM said...

I don't know come you and Mary have never done a song together (and you can't count Case's "Touch Me/Tease Me"), yet both of you were ready to do an album together? C'mon son.

And how come we had to go back to Case's video to actually see ya'll in the same space? Don't believe you, you need more people.

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