Mary J. Blige interview in The Color of Sentiments

October 25, 2011
Mary J. Blige was honored this week with the release of the film The Color of Sentiments (The Help) Tate Taylor Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain. The U.S. diva wrote the song "The Living Proof" for the soundtrack of the film. She explained this favorite cinématograghique was one of the great success of the summer at U.S. box office.

Author, composer, singer, Mary J. Blige has sold over 50 million albums worldwide. Among the many awards received, Mary J Blige has released eight albums all several times platinum, Grammy ® 9 (of 29 nominations) and four American Music Awards. Mary J Blige is the co-founder of the "Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now (FFAWN)" which works for the emancipation and development of women. Musically, Mary J Blige will release her new album soon titled My Life II .... The Journey Continues. Next film, she will perform in the Nina Simone biopic, which is dedicated to this great lady of jazz and blues and will begin shooting early 2012. It will also be on view from Rock of Ages alongside Tom Cruise, Russell Brand and Alex Baldwin in June 2012, a film adapted from the award-winning Broadway musical at the Tony ® Awards.

What prompted you to write a song for "The Color of Sentiments (The Help)"?

I saw the movie and it made me cry and it made me laugh and he also put in anger. I was inspired by Aibileen and all the women in the film argue that whatever the event.

Some moments in particular have they sparked your creativity?

There were many. That these women are in a good mood when they are ill-treated, these women are able to forgive those who mistreated them, all of which I was particularly inspired.

But what really touched me also is how these women could be an engine for their children, a source of inspiration. Take the words of Aibileen the little girl, "You're smart, you're good, you are important", these words mean a lot to me.

How have you created and wrote the song in the film?

At the screening, I had my PDA in the hands. So I wrote directly to the various ideas that came to me during the film. If I cried, I wrote what made me cry. If I laughed, I wrote the words or scenes that made me laugh. Then I took notes of some dialogues of the film. And from all this, I wrote the song. I proceed in this manner for any song. I write just about life.

This song is it stimulating, inspiring?

Yes. It is a gospel way. I hope that this title will help people understand how to live and survive. This allows us to realize that we can live painful steps, not easy, but we are leaving!

The Color of Sentiments (in theaters October 26, 2011) tells the story of three women in Mississippi in the 60s, which will forge a friendship in high-risk around a secret book project that will blow up the rules of society and expose them to danger. This unlikely alliance is born an unusual solidarity between these three women, who will give them the courage to overcome the limitations that govern their lives, and get them to realize that the borders are made to be crossed. For this, they will even put the city into the wind of change ...



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