@rickyrozay Makes 'Magic' With @MaryJBlige

October 4, 2011

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While Ross has been tight-lipped about what he has planned for his fifth solo album, he did speak a bit on his upcoming collaboration with Mary J. Blige. "That's the Queen. I can just tell you about the experience," he said. "We actually worked in Michael Jackson's L.A. studio and we made some magic."

Mary J. Blige also spoke of the experience with XXL in September, clarifying that the two actually recorded in the last studio the King of Pop ever recorded in. "It's a private studio that one of our friends, he was really close to Michael Jackson, he let us use it," Mary said. "It's actually Marvin Gaye's studio. It [has] murals of Michael Jackson all over the [walls] and Marvin Gaye. That was the last place [Michael] actually worked at before he passed. It's such a good vibe."

Ross wouldn't give concrete confirmation, but said his MJB track could possibly be a single. The untitled track has definitely impressed the Yonkers, New York, singer. "Rick is fly. He picks the best beats, man," Blige told XXL. "That guy is amazing with that."



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