The Source Magazine Album Preview: Mary J. Blige - 'My Life II…The Journey Continues (Act 1)'

October 20, 2011

The mood was set as soon as a single soul stepped in the room. If there was one word that could be used to describe the aura in the air it would be intimate. With only about 12 people in attendance the environment wasn’t particularly lively at first, but the anticipation was clearly building as everyone waited to listen to Mary J’s new project.

Mary’s manager introduced the project explaining how it came about along with the time and effort that was put into making sure it was just right. He would go on to explain the intricacy each detail from the length of the album to how decisions about the tempo of the album were made. If there was one thing that he got across, it was that Mary put her blood, sweat, and tears in this project.

Fans who heard the first masterpiece that was My Life know how hard it would be to follow up an offering like that, but Mary knew it was time. The album starts off with words from a good friend of hers, Diddy. The music mogul explains to Mary that the time is now and it’s her moment to shine.

The album kicks off on an up-tempo note with songs featuring emcees like Nas and Busta Rhymes. The first seven songs really give you that old-school Mary J. Blige feel via her patented R&B mixed with hip-hop sound. My Life II then significantly slows down on later tracks in order to allow Mary to tell her story. Stand out songs on the album include “Feel Inside” feat. Nas, “Loving A Woman” feat. Beyonce, “Why” feat. Rick Ross, and “Living Proof.” From top to bottom the production on this album is excellent as Mary proves she has a veteran ear for music. This is a great follow up project and Mary J. Blige fans should be pleased with what the Yonkers-bred songstress was able accomplish with her latest offering.



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