Starshell Uncut

October 1, 2011

Here at Mystarr|Media we obtained some new uncut tracks from Mary J Blige’s protege, Starshell. This collection of tracks includes a remix to Mary J Blige’s, “I Can’t Wait” ft, which comes from Mary’s award winning album ‘Stronger WithEach Tear’ and a few remixes of Starshell’s debut single, “Superluva.” There is also a cover of “Bad News” from Kanye West’s ’808s and Heart Breaks’ album, which Starshell helped co-pen the leading single, ‘Love Locked Down.’ There is an original cut from the singer/songwriter titled, “Last Chance,” I’m not sure if the track will make the finial cut, but I think it has a good feel. Check it out here!

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