@MaryJBlige: My new record is vital

November 1, 2011

Mary J. Blige thinks it was 'very important' to release a follow up to her My Life record.

The American singer is gearing up for the release of her newest album My Life II, The Journey Continues (Act 1).The record is a follow-up to her triple-platinum My Life album, which was released in 1994.

It was extremely personal, recorded during a period when she was suffering domestic abuse. The soulful songstress says her new record is very significant as it details her overcoming her struggles.

'During My Life I was coming from a place where I was calling out for help. I had no love for myself ' it made me go into substance abuse. It snowballed. When I spoke up, I was saying 'Someone help me,'' she explained in an interview with BBC Breakfast.

' just think it's very important to do a sequel. We need to be reminded how far we've come.'

Mary has had a hard life, suffering abuse at an early age and seeing her father walk out on the family when she was a child. The 40-year-old star looks to a stellar support system to keep her spirits high.

'To take a negative situation into a positive one, you can't do it alone. You need friends, you need God. I chose life over death,' she said.

' definitely have faith. I wouldn't say I'm religious, I'm spiritual.'

Mary is looking forward. The star is trying to keep a positive outlook on her future.

'Life is a journey. It's more than one thing,' she explained. 'We can't sing about bad things all the time. Life is happy too. It's bubbly! I'm trying to have fun.'

Mary likes reflecting on her music career. The talented songstress loves looking back on past performances and comparing them to where she is now.

' like watching my evolution. Me growing up and figuring it out. Different hair, different earrings,' she laughed.



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