@MaryJBlige scores a #1 hit with "Mr. Wrong"

November 4, 2011

"Mr. Wrong" #1 on the U.S. R&B iTunes Chart!

One (R&B iTunes):

#4 in Norway
#5 in Greece
#5 in Italy
#3 in Portugal
#9 in Netherlands
#10 in Switzerland

Yet again "One" continues to show its impact. Securing a top 10 spot on 6 charts across the world. And being the only song to consistently chart daily on iTunes World Charts for 5 years running.

Let's not forget...20 years in music and Mary is still here. This proves that real music still lives and Mary is carrying it on her shoulders. If you aren't anticipating "My Life II"...NOW IS THE TIME!

A special thanks to the #MaryJanes on twitter. We single handedly got "Mr. Wrong" to trend on Twitter, giving it a decent amount of buzz that is now responsible for Mary's current #1.


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