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December 7, 2011

Mary J. Blige on reaching her tipping point: "I was drinking myself to death"

Mary J. Blige sits down with Piers Morgan tonight to talk about her new album, her love and her troubled past. Around the time Blige released her fifth album she was struggling with an alcohol addiction. "I was drinking myself to death," she says. "That same day that I felt like, well, that I was going to die, I got a call from him."

"Him" is Kendu Isaacs, and was a friend of Queen Latifah's when he met Blige. Now they're married. "He gave me love and support in a way that I had not gotten it before," said Blige. Tune in on December 7 at 9pmET/PT and 12/11c for the full, emotional interview.



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