MOBO founder @KanyaKing comments on @MaryJBlige 25/8

December 7, 2011
Kanya King is the founder of the Music of Black Origin (MOBO) awards which aims to elevate black music and culture to mainstream popular status both in the UK and internationally. King chooses her five favorite artists of the moment for CNN.

Mary J Blige: 25/8

From the new to the classic, one of my favorite all-time artists Mary J Blige returned this year. I was so happy to see the release of her new album "My Life II ... The Journey Continues Act 1" as it seems like she is back to her best.

One of R&B's most important and critically acclaimed artists, she has had many problems in her personal life, but with pain comes acceptance, then joy, and Mary is able to put them all behind her to create some of the best R&B songs to come out of America in the past 20 years.

It's safe to say nobody in the world could cover a Mary J Blige song without getting the same raw and powerful emotion.
Kanya King

"25/8" is a track that meets all of the criteria of what Mary J Blige is all about. It's soul meets hip hop with her rough vocals complementing the track. It's safe to say nobody in the world could cover a Mary J Blige song and get the same raw and powerful emotion. A true great among us and like a fine wine, only gets better with age.

I'm so excited to hear that her next album: 'My Life II... The Journey Continues Act 2' will be released in May next year. We at MOBO cannot wait.


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